The automotive industry has been building cars for over a century now, and by this point, they've gotten pretty good at it. Nowadays, it's no shock to see a decade-old vehicle driving back and forth across the country, and more and more cars are being handed down from generation to generation. It's more important than ever to have a reliable warranty you can fall back on when it comes to maintaining your faithful vehicle. At our Nissan dealership near Dallas, Texas, we know the value of a hard-working car and we want our customers to be happy and loyal not just for one day or one year, but for life. That's why we offer an unbeatable powertrain warranty that's good for a lifetime -- and it's completely free!

Burleson Nissan's Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty is an exceptional offer, and it's exclusive to our dealership in the automotive market we work in. With it, you will have coverage for any repair or maintenance related to your vehicle's essential component groups: the drivetrain assembly, the engine and the transmission/transfer case/all-wheel drive assembly. The warranty covers everything the factory powertrain warranty does for an extended duration -- no fuss, tricks or sneaky fine print -- and comes with any eligible vehicle you buy at our dealership, at absolutely no cost to you. It is good for as long as you have your vehicle. Find out more about the warranty coverage below, and be sure to visit Burleson Nissan to take advantage of it today!

The Lifetime Peace of Mind
It's no secret that people are keeping their vehicles longer and driving them farther than ever before. Because we want you to be our customer for life, our dealership is proud to provide a Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty on our vehicles at no additional cost. We want you to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are covered for the cost of critical mechanical breakdowns.

What Does It Cost?
There is no cost to you for our Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty. It is free and included on every eligible vehicle sold at our dealership.

How Long Does it Really Last?
Our Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty lasts as long as you own your vehicle.

What Do I Have to Do?
Simply maintain your vehicle to the manufacturer's recommendations and we will pay for covered claims up to our generous limit of liability. Our dealership is committed to providing both superior products and service to our customers. Giving you a Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty is one way of reinforcing our commitment!

How Do I Learn More?
Visit us today to learn more about how a lifetime of protection can benefit you!

What Is a Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty?
Simply put, it is a warranty that provides protection for as long as you own the car to the key component groups that are essential to keeping your vehicle running: the engine, transmission/transfer case/all-wheel drive assembly, and drivetrain assembly.

What Exactly Does the Warranty Cover?
The following are all of the covered parts:

Cylinder block, cylinder head(s), rotor housings and their internal parts, intake manifold, exhaust manifold(s), timing gears, timing chain(s) or belt(s), timing chain or belt tensioner(s) and timing chain or belt cover, valve cover(s), flywheel or flexplate, ring gear, harmonic balancer, oil pump, vacuum pump, water pump, oil pan, turbocharger or supercharger housing(s) and their internal parts, waste gate, intercooler, engine mounts and EGR valve.

Transmission/Transfer Case/All-Wheel Drive Assembly:
Transmission case, transaxle case, transfer case and their internal parts, torque converter, vacuum modulator, cooler and metal cooler lines, transmission mounts, slave cylinder and master cylinder of a manual transmission clutch assembly.

Drivetrain Assembly:
Final drive and axle housing(s) and their internal parts, axle shafts and bearings, universal and constant velocity joints, drive shaft(s), center bearings and drive shaft yokes, four-wheel-drive engagement actuator/motor, traction control linkage, solenoids, control processor and sensors, and 4x4 locking hub. Front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive.


QUESTION: What does the Lifetime Warranty cover? 
ANSWER: The Lifetime Warranty simply duplicates the Factory Powertrain Warranty with the exception of Seals and Gaskets (unless required with covered repairs), no fine print, no catches. Simply refer to the owner's manual for all of the details.

QUESTION: Do I have to bring my car back to your dealership when I have a claim? 
ANSWER: Absolutely not! The Lifetime Warranty can be used at any licensed repair shop in all 50 U.S. states and Canada. So if you move, if you're on vacation, or traveling on business, the warranty goes with you!

QUESTION: Do I have to bring my vehicle back to your dealership for the required maintenance? 
ANSWER: No, you do not have to. You can take your vehicle to any licensed repair shop to have the maintenance done. If you change your own oil, simply keep the receipts for the oil and filter. However, our dealership will electronically maintain all of your maintenance records for submission to the insurance company when you have a Lifetime Warranty claim.

QUESTION: What are my responsibilities for maintaining my vehicle? 
ANSWER: Just follow the manufacturer's standard maintenance guide in the owner's manual. This will help protect your factory warranty, as well as your Lifetime Warranty when you have a claim.

QUESTION: Who stands behind the Lifetime Warranty? 
ANSWER: One of the largest automotive specialty insurers in the world: Heritage Indemnity Company.

QUESTION: This looks like a great warranty, so why do so many of your competitors misrepresent the terms of the coverage? 
ANSWER: Because that's all they CAN do! We have exclusive rights to this Lifetime Warranty product in our market.

QUESTION: Do all vehicles qualify?
ANSWER:  No not all vehicles qualify.  The vehicle must be 5 years or newer and 80,000 miles or less.  Ask your salesperson for more details.